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At ABC tree service of California, we use specialized tree equipment made for rigging, climbing, cutting, and trimming trees to ensure we deliver on your tree project in an efficient and safe way. We are a team of highly trained and licensed professionals who have undergone various training to become arborists who provide top-rated tree services for residential, commercial, and industrial property owners in La Habra Heights, California.

We are your go-to experts for all types of tree services. Here at ABC tree services, we take the diligent approach to diagnosing and offering the best solutions to every tree-related problem you are facing. Our comprehensive tree service solutions cover tree trimming, tree removal, stumping, and disease control. Reach out to us today to enjoy a risk-free tree service that uniquely meets your needs.

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About Us

BEST TREE trimming SERVICE La Habra Heights Ca

Here at ABC tree service of California, we take pride in helping homeowners, and commercial and industrial clients to achieve transformative results that bring cheer to their faces and help them achieve peace of mind when they have a unique tree problem. We employ highly trained and licensed arborists who have deep insights into the care and removal of trees and other related matters. Therefore, we are suitably qualified to help with tree trimming and pruning, stump grinding, stump removal, disease control, and other related tree services that you may need.

Our La Habra Heights contractors are available for flexible scheduling. Whenever you need help; call us and we will be right there. Every time is the right time for you to reach out to us if you have the need for any tree or other related services. You will also find our premium tree services very affordable. We believe in offering fair pricing for our services.

  Our technicians are licensed to practice and received the best form of training. They are caring and understanding so we prioritize your safety and wellness each time our service is sought after at ABC tree service. We know all there is to know about trees and their care. It does not matter f you need tree pruning, stump grinding, and removal, pest diagnosis, or some other tree-related service – we will help you. 
We ensure safety for our workers and clients by conforming to CDC guidelines and keeping tabs on changes as it happens in real-time in our industry. Yes. We know all about trees but it does not end there. Our expertise is aimed at increasing the appeal of trees on your property, caring for them, or taking them down where they have created a problem for you. Maybe you have little experience with trees and you want them to beautify your property, our team of local experts would guide you on how to care for them and what to expect as time passes.
Our professional arborists at ABC tree service providers of California are professional, courteous, and prompt. We will be there whenever you need us in a prompt and timely manner. We are committed to helping you experience the best service at ABC. So, we do all we can to ensure we keep that promise. We use hi-tech equipment and the latest technology to ensure your project is completed without the slightest hiccup in operation. As the best tree service provider in La Habra Heights, California, we do not condone any form of mediocrity. We value good work and our professionals have been trained to deliver the best of services with each unique project they work on, so your mind can be at peace knowing your tree needs would be adequately catered to at ABC.  

AVAILABLE FOR 24/7 EMERGENCY TREE trimming SERVICE IN La Habra Heights California


Certified Tree Trimming And Pruning

It is natural for the tree on your property to encounter overgrowths. When this happens reach out top-rated professional tree service contractors in La Habra Heights, California like ABC Tree Service Contractor. We are trained experts in trimming and printing trees without subjecting the tree, you, or property to injury.


Professional Stump Grinding And Removal

Tree stump grinding and removal requires years of experience to ensure it does not pose a more dangerous problem in the future. Stump grinding is all about excavating the stump of a tree without removing the roots while the removal involves the elimination of both the tree stumps and roots.


Professional Tree Removal La Habra Heights

The complete removal of trees from your property is dangerous. Therefore, it needs both caution, due diligence, and professional expertise to see it through. We can offer you all the above at ABC Tree Services of La Habra Heights, California.


Disease Control

Here, you have to be proactive otherwise your tree(s) might die due to diseases or pest infestation. As a licensed company of arborists, we would routinely assess the health of your trees and help to prevent damage by diseases and pests. In the case of infestation, we would help you restore them to normal health conditions.


Storm Damage Cleanup

High winds, storms, and rainfall can cause damage to your properties, especially during winter. Where your property suffers the vicious impact of a storm, you would need a team of professional tree service contractors to clean up the hazard. We are here to help at ABC Tree Service.


Complete Shrub And Bush Care Services

Our wide range of tree services includes shrub and bush care. Reach out to us for the care, removal, trimming, and pruning of shrubs and bushes on your property. Our quality service is what you need to maintain the aesthetics and safety of your property.

TREE removal La Habra Heights Ca

Tell us what you need and we will match you with a professional service that exceeds your expectation and makes all your troubles disappear. Our professionals are trained, licensed, and experienced and every one of the tools and resources we bring to work on your property is in great shape. Never will you experience a situation where our machine breaks down or our professional designated to your project look clueless on how to proceed with the work you have paid us to do. Come rain, come shine, we get the work done at all times.

If you are not exactly sure of what tree service you require, we will come to your rescue. Every professional tree service worker at ABC tree service contractors in California is experienced. So, the chances that we have worked on something related to your project are significantly high. So, you can count on us to help you make the best decision anytime you have a tree-related problem.

Why choose us for Tree Removal in La Habra Heights Ca

We are right in the heart of La Habra Heights, so you are saved from incurring exorbitant fees due to high commuting fees. Are you looking for a team of dedicated professionals to help you get your money’s worth each time you require a tree service? ABC tree service contractors are the go-to guys for you. Quickly reach out to us to get started without hassle, today.

Strong winds from storms, snow, ice, or lightning strikes do not have a designated time for their occurrence. This means they can happen at any hour of the day and, oftentimes, the impact of these events creates hazards for you, your family, and other people on your property. Reach out to us at ABC tree services to protect you, your family, and your property from the dangers posed by these happenings. Our professional team of arborists is available 24/7 to tend to your needs. We are quick to assess the situation of your emergency and dispatch the arborists with relevant equipment to resolve your tree services.

In our effort to help you maintain orderliness and the aesthetics of your property concerning the trees you have thereon, our service just does not end with removing, pruning, or caring for your trees. We ensure we clean your property up after completing the tree service you requested. Some of the problems posed by not cleaning an area where tree service has been rendered are not limited to injuries, such as cuts and scrapes. As much as we render top-notch tree services, we also pay close attention to the post-removal activities.


Certified Tree Trimming And Pruning

Keep your tree branches and leaves trimmed and pruned with the help of a professional expert. It can sound exciting to do this by yourself or to hire a hardworking John in the neighborhood. However, the risk far outweighs the joy of fulfilling a bucket wish list or helping someone your tree could get damaged in the process.

Reach out to our team of licensed arborists at ABC tree services for experienced guidance. Beyond the occasional trimming and pruning service, we would also offer you a comprehensive guide on how often your trees should be pruned or trimmed. This is not a DIY task, call us; we are the best tree service company in La Habra Heights, California.

Professional Stump Grinding And Removal in La Habra HeightsCalifornia

The time is nigh to get rid of the stump via grinding or complete removal when you notice a stump on your property. This could be an aftermath of tree removal or storm damage. Stump grinding is quite different from stump grinding removal and we would help you figure out the best one for you at ABC tree services.

Stump grinding simply excavates the stump without the root. We will use an advanced mechanical grinder to turn the stump into fine sawdust without causing a hole in the soil. This is not true for the removal of the stump. Under the removal, the stump is not cut to underground height, rather both the root and stump are excavated to ensure there is no risk of possible regrowth in the future.

Professional Tree Removal La Habra Heights

Rely on the expertise of our ISA certified arborists at ABC Tree Service to remove and clear trees on your property or in your neighborhood. Where it is not feasible to continue to keep a tree, then cutting it becomes imperative. Tree removal is dangerous. Hence, qualified arborists like ours at ABC tree service of La Habra Heights, California are the go-to experts for getting it done in a safe and efficient manner. 

Our certified arborists would render the best of services to you. We know it can be tough to decide whether to opt for stump grinding or stump removal during tree removal. We would walk you through the benefits of both and guide you to make the best decision for you, your neighbors, and your property.

Schedule a consultation today with us at ABC Tree Service to learn how we can provide a tree removal service you will be proud of.

Pest and Disease Control

Occasionally, your trees would fall sick. This could be a result of pest or disease attack. Whatever the case may be, you can count on our professional expertise at GreyHopper to restore the health of your trees to normalcy. Our team of certified arborists would prescribe a comprehensive treatment plan that contains only EPA approved medications in helping you to keep your trees from harm’s way.

We’re careful in our diagnosis. Our arborists carefully assess the condition of the tree from above and below the ground surface. We employ a strategic approach to pest and disease control as we would other tree services at ABC tree service. so , you can rest assured that we would not come to your property to spray chemicals or to just do a rush evaluation of the health of your trees.

Storm Damage Cleanup

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive storm drainage cleanup services where your property has recently suffered damages inflected by storm. Our team of professional cleaning experts can get your property back in shape as quickly as possible. We have the skills and equipment for getting rid of dead branches, leaves, and even entire trees scattered by strong winds all over your property. 

Call ABC tree service. We’re a full-service company with expertise in getting sullied properties back to a polished, clean look after they might have suffered vicious attacks of win, storm, or rainfall.

Complete Shrub And Bush Care Services

As a locally owned company with decades of experience, we offer a wide range of tree service, and bush and shrub care services is one of them. Our approach to shrub and bush care is not limited to making the exterior aesthetically pleasing. We also assess their condition to ensure they are functioning quite alright in the internal systems.

We approach your project the same way we would approach our personal projects. This is one of the many reasons why you should reach out to us if you need a professional solution that would leave your garden in pristine condition.

Tree Cabling

Matured trees on your landscape signify your home is more than just another property on the block. It shows that your property has a cultural value, an heritage, and a history. Beyond increasing the perceived value, it also adds to the aesthetics of the property. The downside is that matured trees may begin to lose their vitality once they pass a particular stage in their life cycle. Cabling can strengthen the tree. Beyond that, quality cabling helps to control the growth of trees so it does not cause harm to you and your property.

Turn to our professional technical experts like ABC Tree Service if you need quality tree cabling service in La Habra Heights, California.

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Frequently asked questions

If you are looking to hire a professional tree service company. These are important things you should have at the back in mind. You are probably thinking price, but that’s not the most important factor.

Ask for reviews and seek recommendations. Don’t just commit to any tree service company. Find out what others are saying about them. Another thing is to ask if they are insured and licensed. Tree service is a big responsibility and not just anybody should render it. Therefore, verify both documents. The insurance would ensure you’re covered in the case where the contractors cause an accident while offering their service. Lastly, ensure they are highly skilled.

The price for a tree service depends on a myriad of factors. For instance, do you want a tree trimming service, a stump grinding, or for your tree to be treated for a disease? How accessible is the tree? How far is your location from where the contractors are? Usually, it may cost between a few hundred to thousands of dollars if you hire a professional tree service company. You get to save money if you hire a local tree service company like our ABC tree service in La Habra Heights, California.

Top of the man risks is the fact that you are exposing yourself, your property, and your neighbors to accidents. Unprofessional tree service contractors cannot offer the level of service quality professionals would guarantee.

Professional tree service contractors are trained and skilled in rendering any type of tree service without exposing you, your property, and even the trees to dangers. With a professional on your project, they will be able to tell whether the tree needs to be treated, cut, or trimmed in other to ensure the trees do not threaten you. Where the tree is endangered, as they are trained arborists, they could proffer the right solutions to protect the trees. You find out that hiring professionals saves you money and time, and helps to keep you safe.

Here at ABC tree service, we are the best tree service contractor in La Habra Heights California. Hence, we would be at your beck and call during emergencies. Although our emergency tree services cost more than the regular. Nonetheless, you will get good value for your money.

It is expected that we will bring every necessary stuff for safely carrying out a hitch-free tree service at your abode. Yet we require certain things from you. Please remove every piece of personal items prone to breakage from the place where the work would be carried out. We require our client to clear at least three parking areas in front of your property for our vehicle. Also, every vehicle near the tree to be worked on would be vacated from the area. Our representative would provide guidance on the measures you would need to take prior to, during, and after we have carried out a tree service for you.

There is no right or wrong time to perform tree service. You should use your best judgment to decide when to hire the service of a professional tree service company. However, it is generally recommended that the winter or early spring could be the best time to carry out tree trimming, pruning, or cutting activities. At this time of the year, it is relatively easier to get rid of problematic trees than at any other time of the year. 

Our premium tree service is available near you. We are in every state of the United States. Reach out to us whenever you have a tree problem and we’ll be there to keep your worries at bay with our expertise. Adamsville and York are our service pages to two other California cities that are close to La Habra Heights.